Ferrari 126 c2 1/12 Protar Super Detail 

This is one for the future but i’m not sure how I will approach this kit. It’s a Revell 1/12 but to be honest there are loads of issues with it. Mainly the moulding and the body work. The body work is buckled so will need a lot of resetting as it bends upwards through the middle. These Revell 1/12 kits as I found out with the F2002 are not the best. So a lot of work will be needed to correct this kit. It will be fun. I will more than likely only add some basic extra detail but will finish this off as an OOB. I hope to start this mid way through the summer or entering into winter.


Had another look at this kit today and was of the mind set to do the opposite of my initial idea. I will add a lot more detail to this than originally thought. My daughter and I built up the engine and painted it. Once it’s dried I will look at the nuts and bolts to give the engine some life. I am pleasantly surprised at the detail already on the engine. A lot better than the f2002. However the rest of the kit is pretty basic and garbage. Sorry revell but then it is a very old kit and they have come on better over the last ten years. One thing I will add is the way the parts come off the Sprues. Very simple and leaves very little in the way of access on the parts to clean up.

I’m quite surprised at the difference on quality of kit parts from one side of the car to the other.


A few images of the engine that my daughter and I have been doing over the last week or so. This is a joint build. She’s with me every weekend and is really getting into this build. I’m educating her as we go through and she’s finding it more and more exciting.

The engine is no where near finished. It needs a lot more work but for a revell kit I’m happy with where it’s going. More wires and detail need to be added. Tomorrow I’ll be getting on with finishing the exhaust and turbos. I have a lot of reference for these so will be adding nuts and bolts. They are currently dry fitted so I can remove them and add the detail.

When I do these old protar/revell kits I love making them a lot better than the oob kit. Not a great deal of scratch building going on on the engine as it’s quite detailed. I’m not going for 100% accuracy or any kind of race with this car. There’s a theme I want but there is a mix of different engines in this maybe 1-3 during the course of 1982 season.

I’ll update more tomorrow.


One thing I can’t stand is chromed and pre painted parts. They drive me nuts because I have to spend ages dipping them in bleach. Having said that it’s great when finished. No flaking paint when painting over and it removes the chrome to the plastic part so can almost start from scratch with it.

The monocoque is painted and ready for assembly. I’ve dry fitted a few bits just to make sure all is in the right place and fits correctly. Above are two images of the cockpit dash and the canisters that are in front of the seat. I’ve put the black bands round the canisters that secure it to the floor of the car but I didn’t get chance to photograph them. There’s a load more detail to add but We’re happy that the bulk of things are ready.

I’m scratch building the fuel lines that are at both sides of the engine above the air intakes. I’ve managed to locate within my mountains of bits and bobs some 0.2mm bore flexible clear tubing and hope to have these completed and mounted tomorrow.

The final wiring set for the right hand rocker side. These have been added and linked to the distributer head.

Some test fitting images of where the car is at. We’re chuffed to be honest with what we are producing. Ella is ecstatic…….. so tomorrow we will get back to it and do some more updates.


Didn’t get some of the things done that I mentioned yesterday but got quite a bit done on other areas of the car. I wanted to get the chassis done so started off with the Matt black finish that I wanted and did a few other bits.

I masked off the bottom 5mm of the barges and painted the rest of the chassis. Then mixed some yellow/green Tamiya acrylic with some thinner at 3:1. This then gave me the off yellow stripe that runs down the bottom of the side barges. You can see the decals I’ve used form the set. I have to say I’m not impressed with the kit decals. Fair enough it’s a very old kit but the decals have been really looked after. They look brand new but they are so so delicate.

The near finished upper and lower sections of the monocoque ready for a light couple of coats of gloss. This will really bring out the metallic finish I wanted. I’ve seen so much variance on these 82′ cars that I went for a slightly darker finish than what you would have seen in a lot of reference,

Can never have enough clamps to hold things together when needed. These were from Aldi and I have a few sets of them. Well worth the £3.99.

Some more detail added to the lower part of the monocoque. Master cylinders with lines and the canisters just below the steering wheel.

Dials and steering wheel with the steering Column ready to be added. I’ve deliberately not put this in yet as I want to add the rubber protection pads that circulate the cockpit entrance/edges. Adding the steering wheel and dials later will save it from getting any damage or overspill from the paint.

Before I finished up for the day I clear coated the red barge panels that go on either side of the car with the sponsors. These are drying ready for decals. I also managed to get the front lower wishbones prepped and ready for paint and the suspension set for the front. These are all ready for paint sometime over the weekend. Along with that the front and rear wings are prepped and ready for carbon decals.


Not a great deal to update. However I have managed to get the rest of the bits prepped and painted and completed the front and rear wings.

I’ve not added as of yet and will leave that till the end. About an hour ago I managed to get the lower rear and front lower wishbones added.

It’s coming along quite well. There’s still quite a bit of detail to add. I’ve also got the brakes and front and rear brake scoops to finish off. Once I have added the cf I can start to assemble. I shall update tomorrow and start to assemble the car properly.


Over the last 24 hrs I have managed to get quite a lot prepped ready for when Ella comes back over the weekend so that we can start to put things together. Almost all bar the cowling has been completed. I’ve left a few parts for her to decal and add cf. so bellow is where we are in terms of parts and wheels. The wheels are complete bar the good year livery and should be completed this weekend.

Most of the wiring and hoses that needed adding before the final detail stage when it’s all put together has been done as above.

For those of you that want to know how I sand down my tyres and remove that awful mould line look below.

I use my dremel and hand sanders. Not complicated but you do have to be careful with how deep you go on the rubber. As it’s quite thin you run the risk of over doing it so I remove the line and ruff up the rubber then hand sand it to the desired finish.

Wheels painted and ready for detail and livery.

As mentioned earlier in the build this was added from reference that we found. As I said before this is not a specific car or race etc it’s more an opportunity for Ella to learn different techniques and finding ways of adding detail based on that reference. Here is the monocoque upper half taped up and the black covering around the cockpit painted with zero paints rubber black finish.

I’ll be back in the office over the weekend as stated and will update on the final stretch of the build.


Today I managed to get a few things done but not a whole load. The front cf wings were glossed and drying ready for gluing onto the front end. The rear air scoops for the brakes have been cf’d (carbon fibre), and the seat has been completed.

Once these have dried I’ll be giving the scoops a semi gloss finish to make the cf stand out but not the lover section.

The belts took quite a bit of time and to be honest the set provided by revell wasn’t really up to much. Very basic and very toyish but Ella wanted them done like this so as they say, ” what the boss wants the boss gets “.

It’s really starting to come together now. The next stage is getting the two monocoque halves married up and then get on with coupling up the engine and monocoque ready for the addition of the base pan and sides. Oh, I do remember a bit of additional detail. The drive shafts that glue into the gear box by way of some metallic parts or rather plastic ones from revell, they looked awful so I’ve made my own that look a lot better. I’m not sure if you can see them in the above picture. If I can zoom in and screen shot it ill as them now if not I’ll take some pictures tomorrow to show what I’ve done and explain how I’ve done it.


Bellow is the image I mentioned the other day in regards to the drive mechanism. As you can see it’s a lot better than the original kit parts.


Loads of detail added today on the engine. Still loads to go, the monocoque and the engine have been married together. I’ve managed to get some extra bits ordered online to finish off the car when the time comes, bellow are a few pics of where the car stands. I’m really impressed with what we have done together on this build. I really don’t care about any of the mistakes that have been made as this is a father daughter bonding build. There are a few issues that I’m not happy with if it was my own build but you have to start somewhere and considering where I started off over thirty years ago my little girl is so far ahead of where I was so that’s all that matters.

I’ll add some more detailed images once the roll bars have set. I’ve used some Tamiya paint pots to hold it in place as they wouldn’t stay where they were supposed too. Further updates to come when Ella comes back to mine.

The next instalment will be the monocoque and engine being fitted to the under tray, the engine mounts and front end mounts being connected and a few other engine details to be added. The wheels should be completed too and the rear brakes and air ducts too.


Today we managed to get quite a few things done. Mainly the rear end brakes and break ducts. Loads of detail added to the engine bay too. Brake lines and electrical connectors.

Still loads to do, the air intake couplers need sorting, I’ve ordered some red shrink tubing and metal connectors for these and should be here this week. The bottom rear wishbones are done and the rear suspension and will be added tomorrow. Below is a pic of the level of extra detail we are doing for the electrical cables and connectors.

Everything is being made bespoke by hand and added as we go along, our aim is to get it all added and then we can marry the monocoque and engine to the under tray. Once this is done we can add the bespoke scratch built rods of which there are four of them that give the model that more authentic look of how the car actually was attached together. These will be made tomorrow so pics to follow. The more I think this kit is ready for final assembly the more I see more detail to add. That’s the way we roll ha ha. Can’t wait to see this finished. I’ve also ordered some Goodyear templates for the 80’s so we can complete the tyres. There’s so much more to add and hopefully we can get this completed inside of 3 months.

The cowling is prepped and ready for paint too. As there are some issues with the cowling I won’t be presenting the car with it on. They will be side by side. I will add images tomorrow to show you why. It’s better than when the first kit came to me but is so badly warped that the more I play with it the more we will end up with now cowling. So what this space it’s nearly complete.


Back in the office today finalising a few things. Only a few things to do now.

– wheel livery.

– connector joint (red rubber with jubilee clips)

– finish off the nose and attach

– main cowling

Out of all these the cowling is a beast. It’s not great and worse than what I first thought when I tried to bend it back. It seems to have over time reverted back to the way it was in the kit box. I’m almost tempted to leave it and display the car as is. However I never back down from a challenge. So I will get to it at the end. Today I made bespoke (as mentioned previously) connector rods from plastic tubing and metal piping. These connect the car to the chassis and there are four of them. Two at the front at the side of the cockpit and tow to the rear attached to the engine.

The rear wing was completed and given a used look. Using a bit of clear smoke I lightly airbrushed the rear and underneath. I’ve added nuts too for aero fittings. The original car had black fittings not silver but we preferred this look so left it as above.

You can see the connector rods as stated earlier.

Oh yes I added the suspension and rear wishbones too. The wheels are not fitted as yet due to the Goodyear logos not being completed yet.

Ella is really chuffed with her first detailed 1/12. I am too and can’t wait to get all the little bits and bobs finished so I can get on with my mp4/6.

The rear suspension was upgraded with heavy duty coils from my spares box. I believe they were moto GP springs. The ones you get in the kit are awful and really didn’t do the car any justice. I had to sand down the inner sections so that they fitted in snug. But I’m happier now that the rear suspension and front suspension look more like what they should do.


Tyres are done with the Goodyear logo. I sanded off the clear coat I put on and sanded off the original moulded logos as I wasn’t happy with the final result. These are flat and look more authentic. (Hope you agree).

As you can see from the pic there are two red hose joint connectors in situ ready to be heated down onto the air intakes. Also here will be 4 banjo clips to make to give the appearance of being held in place as per reference. We will get these done at some point over next week and finish off the front end and complete the turbos and exhausts. There’s a few more bits of detail to add to them. The front nose hasn’t been glued on yet as the monocoque has separated a bit. Not a great issue as I’ll pin them together with some copper rod. Glue isn’t enough to hold these two bits together due to the inaccurate moulding by revell. There is so much you can do before you actually end up destroying parts and that’s not our objective. Once this is completed again will do this next week there is only the cowling to do.


Almost done. All tyres have been sprayed with the template for Goodyear. The exhausts are on and the front nose and wing have been added too. The red hoses on the intakes have been made and added and the jubilee clips too as you can see. All I have to do now is re paint the middle section of the turbo system and add the metal hose and the main car is complete. I have some decal paper on its way so will create some vector files and print them off for the Hexcel logo on the sides of the fuel tank. Then it’s into the cowling. Not looking forward to this but I can’t display the car for my daughter without doing it. Makes no sense. We will try to do the best we can with it but I know I won’t be happy but that’s one of the things you have to deal with. There are a few other bits of detail I want to add but I’ll do that when it’s all done.