Fujimi 1/20 f2003 GA Top Studio Detail

Recently acquired 1/20 Fujimi Monaco Shuey Ferrari with top studio detail kit. Another one for the future. When I’ll get round to this god knows… Pics of the kit to follow.


The kit arrived today here it is with the extras. On looking at this kit it bodes well for a great finish. Can’t wait to get to it in the not too distant future.




I already have the Ferrari red for that era and I’ll be using alclads and zero paints for the rest of the car.

I’ve just spent a good hour going through the manuals for the Fujimi kit and the top studio kit and have to say this will be an awesome kit when it’s finished but like the fw11b and the mp4/4 and mp4/5b I’ll be doing a bit of re modelling and a bit of adding and removing. The trumpets will have to be prized away from the moulded injector rails that are moulded to the top so will be having to do quite a lot of surgery around the engine. Can’t wait. Will be going into a lot of detail with this one and the other three so hopefully I can produce an even better car than the mp4/4 I’ve just completed.

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