Fujimi MP4/6-10 1/20 super Detail

This one is for the New year 2018. I’m currently collecting the parts. I already have the car and quite a substancial amount of extra detail to start it at some point. I’m just looking for the CF decal sheets and brake calipers.


So last night I started to put a few bit’s together on this car. Mainly removing all the bulk parts to the engine block and gearbox and assembling for paint. I removed all the chrome paint that was already on the kit and it worked well. Soaked in brake fluid and it came off really easily. So now I am at work and doing some research on the engine itself and have come up with a plan. So…the 1/12 mp4/6 Top studio kit is quite comprehensive and the images provided by top studio as point of advertising their product has given me the option to scratch build the exact replica parts down to 1/20 scale. There’s quite a lot of butchery going to happen on the rocker heads and various other parts of the kit. Now, one thing i’m really happy about is the fact that the moulding on this kit by Fujimi is great so I have an amazing base to work from. When I get home tonight i’ll be getting on with this straight away and will give you a step by step account of what I’ll be doing. Images to support this and a couple of images of the materials I have collected and the kit car itself. So until then i’m in research mode and will get back to you shortly.

Below will be images of the following.

– Aerial

– wheel valves

– Cockpit set

– Marlboro Livery

– Carbon Decals

– electrical connectors A&B

– Rear Axel

– Lots of additional PE

– Mclaren Paint as there are no Decals for this like in the Tamiya kits

– various hoses and attachments

– Weld lines

– straps, clips, cable ties etc

– Top studio Brake set

– Top studio Funnel set


Last night I didn’t get a whole lot done where actually making the kit is concerned… I have an abundance of reference material that I’ve been marrying up with parts from the kit itself and working out what extra detail I have and still need to get and of course all the extra bits i’ll be making myself, which on reflection I wasn’t expecting to have to do. So…there is a lot that needs fabticat8ng for this kit but i’ll approach it this way. The car will be split into sections and I will concentrate on each one and fabricate and add detail as I go along as opposed to jumping from one to another otherwise i’m going to be all over that place and miss things out and forget to do this and that. So first off is the engine that i’ve already started and second I will get the main bulk of the car prepped and ready for mounting detail on. So the floor pan and the monocoque… from here I will add accordingly. So tonight I start properly and will add some reference and some of the work i’ve done.


This is the area I am working on tonight. So here is what I have achieved so far. I’ve managed to remove the middle section of the rocker head and added an under plate inside the head that allows me to add this section. Bellow is a rough model so far.

This is very crude at the moment a,nd needs a bit of work but the general idea is there.


I’ve been doing a lot of prep work this morning on engine parts and side pod parts ready for paint. I’ve added some detail to the side pods as shown below and finished and primed the other rocker head.

A little test fit to make sure all is fitting nicely.

I’ll be adding quite a lot of detail to these side pods so bare with me this looks a bit crude but will look a lot better once it’s all up and fitted.

Here is the left hand side pod. The kit comes as below but I decided I wanted to make a proper side pod with grills like the car itself and the MFH 1/12 kit.

I’m using some really thin 0.5mm card from my local train model shop. The mesh grill will be from an old F1 PE kit I have lying about.

Again this is very crude but giving you an idea of what i’m trying to do. Also making sure it all fits nicely too.

Below is the scaled drawn parts on the plastic card that i’m using.

I still have a lot more detail and the engine is probably 1/4 done. So here it is so far.


Looking back at these images i’m disappointed in this engine and went back to it this morning to have a look at what I did last night. When I picked it up and had a look I was shocked at the difference the light effect has had on the engine itself. For some reason my over head lamp brings out what looks like a loads of imperfections when shown in an image but the real thing doesn’t seem to show this off to the naked eye. I was contemplating restarting it but looking at it now i’m fairly happy. I won’t be doing much if any on this kit over the next few days so will go quiet for a bit. Back on it Saturday and Sunday. See you then.


Monocoque sanded primed and ready adding some add detail. Once i’ve got this and the under tray completed I can start to get some parts together.


Over the course of the weekend i’ll be getting back to this project. I’ve had quite a lot on at work and at home so not had a great lot of time to be at my bench. However, i’ve managed to get hold of a few bits to be getting on with (detail parts).

The engine and side pods and monocoque i’m hoping to get on with with some substantial updates during the course of next week. Updates and visuals to follow.

More display plaques have been purchased on the cheap so this and the Mp4/4 will have bases ready for later.


Side pods are ready for detail. I’ve added some cf on the edges that meet the monocoque but will dull these down with some clear smoke to dull them down a bit. I’ve started the monocoque with cf but will add some pics later.

Both radiators have been painted and chromed ready for detail too. Once these are dry i’ll cover with gloss alclad clear so that any additional work won’t ruin the paint job. There’s quite a bit of detail going on these so will look really good.


A few more bits for the build. Courtesy of Steve at Hiroboy. Front and mid aerials and air funnels for the engine. I was originally going to use the kit parts but decided against it. My decision to get these was spot on. Really happy with the extra detail. I’ll be doing them tonight.


Back to the bench today. I had a look at the cf work I hard already done on the body and decided that it wasn’t good enough so I have stripped it all off and started again.

Tonight when I get back in i’ll complete this piece and update with some images. I’ve decided to do a few things different on the body to what I normally do after watching some Youtube clips that have made me re consider my approach to the carbon look.

Template ready for the monocoque. Will cut this down and apply tonight. I’ll using this as a base and creating a painted version of the cf. Hopefully it will work. Can’t wait to get to it. I’ve already gloss blacked the parts and waiting for them to dry.


Cf all cut out and ready for application. Monocoque prepped and will up date with pics as I go along. Long evening ahead.

The tub so far. It’s in its i fancy at the moment so it won’t look great but you’ll soon get the gist of what i’m doing when all the cf is on.

Because of what i’m going to do with the cf after adding it I don’t have to worry about small errors and little nicks. The cf i’m using is very fragile so putting it all on is a very slow and delicate process. As long as there are no major errors things should look good.

That’s one side done. Now the other. There’s still loads to do so will update the completed piece tomorrow with pics. Hopefully I won’t have much to do in the morning. As you can see it’s taking a while but as I mentioned previously it’s so fragile this cf i’m using so have to really take my time.


Had to purchase a few bits off Steve to finish off the car that I didn’t have. Some more brake callipers and some candy purple alclad. Tonight i’ll continue doing the tub. Didn’t get it finished the other night. It got so late and tiredness kicked in. Back to work today but have been doing a bit more research for this project. I do need some more brass fittings for the electrical boxes at some point but for now I can use what I have. The total cost of this build excluding time will be approx £300+. I’m hoping it won’t exceeded this. Puts into perspective the cost of this hobby. My average 1/20 kit cost about that to build and my average 1/12 kit is roughly double that. At some point I would like to make some MFH 1/12 stuff. But I enjoy doing bespoke building and using trial and error as it’s more satisfying when a project is complete.


Whilst waiting for the monocoque to cure ready for paint I thought i’d get some other areas started. Above is the cowlling all primed and ready for paint. I’ve sanded all the rough edges and mould marks and lines off so they don’t show through. Like the mp4/2 and 4 i’ll be detailing under the cowlling too and will show this at a later stage.


I worked late into the night and got quite a few things done. All the cf is applied. I had to remove some as I wasn’t happy with the finish. Tonight I will get it all painted ready for detail. I’ll add pics as I go along.


Started to paint over the carbon with various alclads trying to get the finished cf look. I’ve added some tape in areas where you can clearly see on reference where the carbon over laps. Looks so much better in natural light to the naked eye. Images don’t do it justice. I’m fairly happy with it so far.

I’ve started add a bit of detail around the top of the fuel tank. Mainly some nuts, the livery, an aerial and a few other bits that you can’t see but will on other images later.

These were the side battery packs that I wanted to make more authentic. I’ve removed the original moulded electrical connectors and drilled holes for some brass ones I had. I then sanded the sides down and made some plates for the packs to sit on. These were cut to size from some metal sheet. Stuck together and will be painted Matt black with chrome under coat. Once these have dried i’ll gently rub the black down a bit to reveal the chrome to give them that used look. That’s it for tonight i’ll be back on with it tomorrow morning.

I did a bit more detailing on the upper part of the fuel tank. Still a long way to go. Have about 20 nuts to put on the out edge of the recess that the power pack sits on and a central valve.

Some wires and a electrical connector placed ready for some more wiring.

Decided to dry fit a few parts to get a feel for the car and see if things still fit in place. So far so good. Still have a long way to go but it’s starting to take shape and i’m fairly happy so far.


So today I have decided to give the tub a rest and will be doing the cockpit. All these parts will be painted with gloss black alclad, cf mounted and something similar achieved for surface finish as per exterior finish.

I’ll show the workings as I go along.

All glossed and ready for carbon detailing and general detailing. These will be left for 72 hrs to cure. It says on alclads and general paints to leave for 20 minutes plus or touch dry, but I like to leave them for a few days as i’ll be touching them a lot. So that’s it for now on them and will get back to them on Wednesday evening when I get back from work.

As you can see from the seat the alclad gloss over masking tape gives that more authentic look. Once this has dried i’ll use a bit of jet exhaust alclad and some zero rubber to give it a better depth. I’ve seen a lot of Mp4/6 builds over the years and people seem to be painting the seat tub grey or a dark grey. I find this odd as i’ve never seen an mp4/6 with this colour seat before. Non the less each to their own. I like what i’ve done and it’s going to give the car that more authentic look.

That’s it for today. A bit of tidying up on the model on Wednesday night and then finish off the cockpit and add it to the tub.


When I got to work this morning I decided to have a look at some reference material I had and had a thought about how I will display this kit. I have decided that there is going to be way too much material and detail hidden away so I will be doing the following. Not so much a diorama bit kind of. What I mean is i’ll be showing the model mp4/6 off in different sections so you can see all the different parts of the engine bulk head the wiring and detail parts as much as possible. Bare with me you will see what I mean at a later stage as you see how much I am adding to this kit.


Today at work, as it’s been so quiet i’ve spent quite a few hours working out where and how I want things on the car. I’ve printed off and downloaded over 100 images of the cockpit, side pods and the rear of the car. I’ll be going through these tonight and making sure I have everything I need for the rest of the week and leading into the weekend to finish off the front end cockpit and the side pods and tub.


Back to this little baby tomorrow night. I’ll be continuing from where I left off and will be finishing off hopefully the front suspension, mounts and cables.


so I started to get the suspension at the front started tonight but came across a small snag. The springs I had were too big so I will have to order some more. I had started to use a shock absorber by Top studio size 2 but I must have run out and only had one left from a previous build and the size three I have in abundance are way to big. I will get these on Friday but have added a few bits to the front end where the coil heads bolt into the monocoque.

Above is a pic of what I have been doing this evening. Not much I know but i’m getting back into this so it’s good fun. I’ll be doing a bit of research during the course of the night and a few more bits around the engine so will update later.


As promised here are some images of the work I have done today. Mainly on the cockpit and still not complete but should get this finished over the next few hours. There are a few extra bits of detail i need to add.




I’ve managed to finish off the interior of the cockpit and glued it into the monocoque over the last few hours. Added the belts too. There is a bit more detail to add in there including the hydraulic cables for the suspension that run across the front of the car and into the cockpit. These bits will be done later when i’ve completed the suspension when I get the parts in.


So how did I make the seat? Someone just asked me via message. Simple really. I used the resin/plastic part from the original kit and sanded down and sprayed with grey primer. Next after leaving it for months (ha ha) you don’t need to leave it that long, I just did for obvious reasons…. I then placed after many attempts some yellow modellers masking tape over the seat in a manner which I felt when painted over would give the effect of a carbon come hard plastic used finish. I’ve used this technique with the MP4/4 1/20 Tamiya kit I did a few years ago. Once primered again I used a semi gloss black finish from Zero paints to get the desired effect. left over a period of time and a bit of handling it gives a more used look which I personally like. Not to everyones taste but it works for me.

One thing I did do was not (after many attempts) try and place the masking tape on perfectly. Takes too much time and to be honest it won’t give the desired effect when painted over. Making mistakes with this one will actually give a better look.

Over the last few hours I’ve managed after many expletives to really get into the wiring loom down the rear of the engine bulkhead and around the side pods. It’s been very hard to emulate the 1/12 top studio kit on this 1/20 but i’m pretty happy with what I have managed to get done. I will discuss in greater detail tomorrow what or rather how I did the looms and will show some images of the stages I went through. But for now here is where I have managed to get to.


There’s still loads to do on this however my eyes are going so best leave it alone for the night and get back to it over the weekend. It’s starting to take shape. You will notice a large piece of shrink tube in amongst the wires, this is deliberate as there are a few more wires to insert into it. You way be wondering why I do it this way. Well it’s the only way I feel comfortable at this scale processing the parts bit by bit as I go along, It’s very fiddly but it works for me. I use a low heat battery powered soldering iron for this as it minimises risk to burning/melting other areas as I work.


As I’ve been updating my site and model office over the last week or so I came across some images of my progress on the mp4/6. Mainly the front suspension. Before the year ended 2019 I managed to get some images of that progress but never updated the site. So below is the front suspension. I decided that I didn’t like the original kit parts so used some top studio coils and turned parts to emulate the suspension in a much more authentic way.

As you may already see I’m trying to emulate the 1/12 with super detail that is available. I am using top studios images of the mp4/6 with the detail sets during build process. Once the office is finished this will be my first kit on the bench and hopefully completed during the first quarter of next year and possibly earlier.


So after a long time out, moving and building my external office in the garden I finally got back to the mp4/6. Bellow are a few bits that I was testing before I finish the under tray. I’ve already masked it off ready for paint and finished off a few other parts. As my spray booth is not up and running I’m waiting for an electrician to come and give it the all clear to be hardwired to the consumer unit with an isolation switch. Better safe than sorry I say.

My next project with this kit is to get the gear box, suspension, electrics and oil reservoir completed.


Today was supposed to be work day on a customers roof but we got rained off. So off into the model workshop I went. I was going to get on with the triumph I started the other month but sat there on my desk was the mp4/6 and I just had to get on with it. So below I have some bits to show you, nothing dramatic but a continuation of where I left off.

I started by covering the resin top studio funnel bowl with carbon detail and then added the photo etch and turned funnels. Nothing dramatic and came together quite nicely.

The engine has a long way to go so I deceived to add the detail to the rear wishbones and brake air scoops.

The scoops aren’t finished yet I need to paint the photoetch and then give the whole scoop a glazing of pale smoke to give off that dull carbon finish you get from the reference I have.

The second Image above is of the rear wish bone system with added photoetch of the connection points where they are attached to the gearbox. Basic grey matt undercoat and a semi gloss black finish. Once these are added to the rear I will then add detail. (Below).

In the above image you can also see that I have started to put together the top studio brake set for the fujimi kit. I have one criticism of this kit in that unlike the Tamiya versions the main wheel nut is attached to a thread and doesn’t come separately. I was going to cut them off re thread and polish off the parts but due to the way I will show this kit off I will keep them attached to the hubs and not glue in so can display with or without the wheels on. I will go into more detail with this brake kit over the next week so you can see how intricate the kits are. Not difficult at all and can be a bit lengthy in terms of processing time but the final outcome really gives the car that extra little edge.

With the rear and front hubs I had to cut off the two spindles that the original brake callipers attach to. I had to do this so the top studio versions fitted snuggly on the hub with the disk. As shown above. I always test fit things as I go along because one thing I do not want to do is end up having to cut, sand and dremel things after the fact. It will completely destroy the car.

My work space where all the action is happening this week. So till next tim on this build……….


Today was another supposed work day but that fell through, our customer had again neglected to prep certain areas around the roof that need doing prior to putting the lath and felt. Hey ho, more time in the workshop on the mp4/6. Everything was going well until I came across the addition of the the rear wishbones to the gearbox. Normally I use a homemade jig but in the moving around and construction of the workshop I’ve miss laid it so when adding the rear axes and wishbones I came across an issue. At first I thought I’d miss aligned the gear box but then realised, nope it’s all in one. So what was the issue? The whole rear of the gearbox was twisted. Again I thought I’d attached the wishbones wrong so dismantled and re placed. Nope nothing it was still the same. To say it was slight was an understatement the whole rear end was off Center and not square. My heart sank and wondered what I’d do. So I got on with some other areas of the car that needed prepping and painting. During this time I came up with some ideas. I’ll get back to that later. So bellow are the wheels half done with semi Matte finish with valves and livery.

Really happy with these. Just need to do the other side and they are finished. Not sure how I will display these but will probably have them stacked next to the car with the brakes for all to see.

After I had left these to dry I sanded down removed the mould lines and glued up the exhausts. I was pleasantly surprised with the extra detail on these. The sensor mounts are on the rear of the pipe leading to the under tray and I won’t need to add them as an addition. All I need to do is add some joining plates which have been prepped but not cut out from sheet metal. (Will show these at a later date).

These have been coated with an Alclad gloss base and sprayed with Alclad chrome, dura aluminium, copper, a Burnt gold and clear blue to give that used effect, once they are dry I will add some pics.

Brake callipers have been prepped and painted and Brembo decals added. They are currently in the drying booth and waiting for the bench.

So after a few hours of messing about doing other bits I decided to get back to the rear end, as you can see I managed to fix the rear to a degree but it’s ever so slightly off. Unless you really look deep into it you can’t see the issue. So I got the hair dryer out and warmed up the gearbox slowly and twisted it back and forth to the preferred place. I didn’t want to go too far with it as I didn’t want to ruin the work I had already done. As for extra detail for brake lines etc, ie, cables, nuts and bolts I will add these at a later date. So tomorrow my plan is to get back to the wheels and complete them. Then get onto the under-tray and get that finished so I can start adding the engine and monocoque.


Today I didn’t get into the workshop but managed to get a few bits from the model shop. Something I forgot to mention the other day was that when I was adding the plastic kit parts for the steering, ie, the steering rods I noticed that it was too short and that when you brought the two wheel hubs to meet the connection rod ends it turned both wheels in. At first I thought this was the kit but no it’s due to the added detail on the front wishbones pushing them a mm further off the side of the monocoque. So I got some metal rods from the model shop in Sheffield and will be getting on with that on Monday. How it will fair I have no idea but will have a go. Apart from that I managed to source some more references material which will go a long way with the extra detail around the engine bay.


I got back to the mp4/6 today, not a great deal to show other than I’ve spent about 8 hours on the undertray. It’s on its way and dry fitting the parts to it suggests this is going to be a really nice kit. (I hope!).

Still got so much detail to put on this car. It’s never ending. I will continue the update but one thing I will say is that I was watching a guy on YouTube having difficulty applying carbon decals and he decided to use some of his mrs pottery tools. I searched on eBay and got a set of these. There are just like large paintbrushes but with soft rubber heads in different styles. Wow is all I can say they are so much easier than using cotton buds and getting loads of wool everywhere. They allow you to put so much more pressure on odd angles and curves and doesn’t damage the carbon. Well worth the £4.99. Back to it tomorrow so will leave it there and update as I go along.


Back on the bench again with the build. I’ve spent most of today detailing/weathering the under tray and detailing the left side pod.

To get this effect I have a 1cm flat art brush dipped in black flat Tamiya paint then dried down to leave very little on the bristles and then gently brush in areas where I believe the under tray has made contact with the race track and worn it away.

This side pod was the Bain of my life today so much intricacy and not wanting to damage anything so the magnifying light was on my nose for a long time so glad to get away from it till tomorrow and have a gin. The second side pod will be done tomorrow and added to the car. Not much on that one but nevertheless I want it to look good.


Over the past couple of days I’ve been doing the side pods and front suspension work. Below are some images of the car as it progresses.

Most of the side pods have been scratch built in terms of detail. As you can see from the above image. Using top studio wiring and some home made connectors by butchering some resin electrical connectors I had in my stash to make it look more authentic.

The monocoque and the under tray are now attached. The engine is just sat in place so I can measure and gauge where I can fit the additional detail that’s at the rear fuel bulk head where the engine fits and the electronics run down the two sides and above.

Rough mock up of the heat shield that protects the electronics from the exhaust on the drivers left hand side next to the radiator hoses. This part is 0.5cm by 0.8cm in size so you can appreciate how small this detail is. The white plastic is actually 0.5mm plastic card. Once the glue has set I’ll fill with filler and sand down. The metal rod I used will also be ground down to a flat finish. Then painted with primer and finished with a dull aluminium. The the outward facing side will be finished in Dura aluminium.aluminium face.