FW14B Rebuild 1/12


One for the near future. I have stripped and will be removing all detail, paint,cf and decals from my mid 2000’s Tamiya Williams and re building it.

Something i’ve wanted to do for a while. As you progress and learn new techniques you look back at old builds and think, ok! I can do this much much better. I’ve learnt so many new techniques and learnt so much over the years and this is something I really want to do. So here goes……

Some of you may wonder why? Yes I agree with some thoughts that maybe flying about regards keeping it and get another. Well For me stripping and re building is fun and buying another kit costs more money so this way I get the best of both worlds. It also gives me an idea of how much further I have come in this hobby by taking each part off and understanding why I did it that way and how I can make it better. I will update with some stripped down sections later on this next month.


So as mentioned above I stripped the car down to nothing, no parts attached no cables, wires, nuts and bolts. Bellow I have photographed the main car parts that are ready for a paint and primer stripping process. I tried sanding it all down but it’s too time consuming so in the bath they go.