FW14B Rebuild 1/12


One for the near future. I have stripped and will be removing all detail, paint,cf and decals from my mid 2000’s Tamiya Williams and re building it.

Something i’ve wanted to do for a while. As you progress and learn new techniques you look back at old builds and think, ok! I can do this much much better. I’ve learnt so many new techniques and learnt so much over the years and this is something I really want to do. So here goes……

Some of you may wonder why? Yes I agree with some thoughts that maybe flying about regards keeping it and get another. Well For me stripping and re building is fun and buying another kit costs more money so this way I get the best of both worlds. It also gives me an idea of how much further I have come in this hobby by taking each part off and understanding why I did it that way and how I can make it better. I will update with some stripped down sections later on this next month.


So as mentioned above I stripped the car down to nothing, no parts attached no cables, wires, nuts and bolts. Bellow I have photographed the main car parts that are ready for a paint and primer stripping process. I tried sanding it all down but it’s too time consuming so in the bath they go.


So after deliberating for a while on this and the new top studio sets appearing on the market I’ve decided to do two fw14b’s. The old one that has been stripped will be rebuilt but as a garaged half constructed vehicle.

The other Fw14b will be the actual replica of the Portuguese car that I photographed over 15 years ago.

I have the paint from Hiroboy the colour matched zero paints set above. I also have the kit that I managed to get hold of really cheap off a good friend and the top studio sets. The last image has the brake set. Camel decals, two sets of air funnels, the wing sets, cockpit set and finally the front suspension and brake cylinder set. The ECU set I believe from what top studio have told me will be available around the beginning of the new year. ( side pod set). Then the engine set should be sometime after that. Exactly when I have no idea. So there is a lot of work to do. Once the two kits I have on the bench are done I’ll be doing this one. I am also searching for the carbon decal sets but they are proving difficult to get hold of so I may just make these myself.


I managed to get hold of some decal sheets for the FW14B. Rather than spending hours and hours making my own as I really want to get this kit done so I got these below.

Also a must when you are building this car is the book below. There isn’t a great deal of visual detail however if you have my soon to be released book and or my cd or download there is data in this book with info on all the parts of the car that will help you understand what they did how they were made and various detailed drawings.

When I do get round to doing this car it will be like no other wip I have ever done. There will be videos and in-depth step by step guides to how I build it. It will be a long and detailed build so hope you enjoy it when I get to it possibly spring time maybe earlier.


After spending some time talking to a good Friend (Graham) we noticed that the decals that I purchased are not entirely correct. Time for thought. Do I use these or not? I have time to think about it as this kit is a long term project. I will do some research and find a possible alternative if it’s viable.

If you look closely at the carbon across the car you will notice that there is a trace line in more or less every part of the car. How to replicate this correctly is what I want to do. If you look at the cf set I have it’s not there. So again time for thought. I have a friend that works for TVR who is a carbon specialist so will have a chat with him at some point and see what he suggests. The idea of actually making the car from proper carbon has crossed my mind but getting it down to 1/12 scale would be a massive task. Let’s see what happens. Doubt it but it’s something to think about.


Over the past few days whilst jumping from the 126 c2 and the mp4/6 I’ve been reading the Haynes owners workshop manual on the FW14B. For many years I’ve understood the car I photographed like Mathews did was the winning car from the Portuguese GP of 92′. What I didn’t know was the significance and the reasons for its induction into Franks personal museum. For one as a friend mentioned to me earlier the car wasn’t a multi, multi GP winner. However the significance of this car is due to the fact that 1: won the Portuguese, German and British GP’s. 2: it was one of many chassis that both drivers of that season drove. Mansell – Patrese. But one thing stands out more than any other and comes in two parts. 1: being that this car had Mansell’s Initials embroidered in the cock pit as seen bellow and 2: this was the only chassis that Mansell drove that no one else did. No testers no other drivers. This car chassis was exclusive to Mansell.

Now unless someone can tell me different I haven’t seen this on another Fw14B. I could be wrong but this is very unique. The owners manual is a must buy if you can get hold of one. There is so much information on this vehicle that I have never read anywhere before. Yes the manual hasn’t got a whole host of images as in depth and detailed as the ones I did but it has documented detail that is invaluable. Get this book and read up on the history of this car and how it came about. One thing I did learn was the car was a nearly never car but it’s conception started as early as the FW11’s.