Huey UH-1 1/24th Extreme Detail Revell. Vietnam Gunship

An odd one for me to do as a wip on my site considering i’m purley an F1 fan. However, I have a huge fascination with war time aviation especially the craft produced and used during the 60’s. This particular Helipcopter is of huge interest for me. I first saw one of these when I was a kid in Europe at an aviation museum and fell in love with it.

Whislt I studied at University doing photojournalism I came across a photographer called Don Mcullin that became well known for his images during the Vietnam conflict. (For those that know me I have no political adgenda with what happened over there so please appreciate the work for the mechanical and engineering aspect). Ontop of which a number of war time films depicting these machines have influenced me of late to build this as well as Don.

My plan is to use the majority of the kit but completely go to town on opening up the detail on the engine, hydrolics, rotorblade’s basically the whole gunship inside and out. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Bell Huey and have come to realise there isn’t much out there in terms of extra detail if at all anything relating to the 1/24th scale. So my plan this year is to start with this kit and make a really nice show piece. If there is anyone out there that can help me with any builds that I haven’t come across or websites with builds that would be of interest in this scale please drop me an email I’d very much appreciate it.

I was pleasantly suprised at the quality of this kit in it’s raw moulded form. To be fair I was expecting it to be horrible for the price at 1/24th scale. The thing is huge. A span of 52cm. So i’m chuffed to say the least. As I said earlier i’ll be scratch building most of the extra detail as i’ve found basically nothing out there of interest other than for 1/35 and 1/48. But that’s the fun bit and makes it ever more enjoyable once finished.


As you can see from the above images you can get a feel for where i’m going with this. There’s quite a substantial amount of scratch building going on. Plastic card and sheet metal and this is just the beginning.

There’s so much more detail that’s needed so i’ll be going full hog with it. The area of the cockpit is no where near ready for any kind of primer. There’s loads of additions I need to put in the chairs and on the center console. Watch this space. I have a feeling this kit is going to be quite special when it’s done.

There’s a lot of test fitting that needs doing due to the excessive detail i’m adding so will. Have to keep an eye on it every so often so that stuff keeps snug.

The level of detail this Huey is going to have is quite scary. At this stage it’s pretty basic in appearence and there’s still loads to do. This is the roof section above the pilots that won’t get a great deal of exposure when it’s all encased but the fact you’ll be able to see it “just” makes it more worth wile. Can’t wait to paint this thing. Loads more to do i’ll update as I go along.


Thought i’d get these parts primmered up. Do a bit of filling and sanding to iron out some areas ready for paint. Once i’ve done this I can put all the dials and switches in the areas that need it ready for the final undercoat. I’ll also be making some bebspoke dial faces for the main dash. I’m not sure of the correct terminology but I hope you see where i’m going with this. So i’ll leave this alone for tonight and get on with a few other parts. Mainly the chairs and the back panel where the rear seating arrangment goes.

I’ve started putting a bit of photo etch on the back cabin wall. There’s a lot of work to be done on this section. I was going to remove the curtains and do my own but thought against it. It will take way too long and I feel that adding a bit of metal tubing and some photo etch should be enough. I will however be making a bespome scratch built bench as per reference.

Some more detail going onto the amo boxes in the back area of the huey. As you will probably see if you’re a purist and acurist this isn’t exactly 100% accurate ie the handles but I don’t care it looks good and will do in the end so bare with me.

Once the amo boxes are painted green I’ll add the harness to each of the brackets as per reference and these will be scratch built too. I have some brass rod that i’ll add for the curtain rail before I finish off the primer.

Building one of the inner supports next to the pilots left and right shoulders where the sliding doors close against the body of the helicopter. Both sides need doing. I’m half way through one of them now.

I’m using thin plastic card, measuring and cutting to shape. Once this is all complete i’ll sand down the rough edges, smoothen it all out and primer it ready for the final paint.

The above is what i’m looking for. This just needs polishing off then primer. There’s a bit to add at the base as per my reference so i’ll be adding this later. (Due to copy rite and the reference being on the net I can’t add these to my wip as I have no permission to do so. However as most of mine is from Google images through google search i’m sure you’ll be able to find quite a bit on there).


Some more detail going into the center console. I’m nit sure where this is going to stop but I think i’m getting close to where I want to be.

Once this has dried it’s onto the other side. All the nuts and bolts are being added for more authenticity. When complete i’ll primer it then for the 1st coat of cockpit grey.

Started some detail on the dash. Some nuts and a dial that sits off the right hand side of the main dash. I’ve also created some extra detail on the left and right hand sides of the main dash structure with some plastic piping and sanded down. There’s a bit more to do on the top too. 0

Half way there with the side sections inside the sliding rear doors. Those nodules I am of the thinking they are air con outlets or some kind of air recycling facility. Not sure but can’t find much info on them.

Scratch built again with plastic card and plastic tubing.

Slowly getting there. So much more detail to add but hopefully I should be ready for paint soon. I’m going to have to do a lot of masking which will be fun. “NOT”…..


Just a few bits of detail to add and then final coat of primer and then the inside is complete ready for masking up and painting. I still have to make the rear deating arrangment but I can do this once it’s painted. I’ll be scrapping the original kit one amd making my own scratch built one. Once i’ve completed i’ll show the difference between the two. I also have a bit of filling to do on the side sections and then it’s done.

The areas that were’nt to my satisfaction so i’ve filled the areas in and will let dry for a few hours then sand down and re primer.

Don’t know if you can see where i’m going with this but the original kit part circled in red is hideous and needs changing. So i’ve bought some white material that’s very thin and will replicate the canvas cover as per the original one. This will be dyed green and attached to the frame that i’ll be making from ally tubes and thin resin tubes. Hopefully it will go well with the rest of the additions i’ve made.

Needs a bit of refining, sanding shaping and smoothing out but this is the general look i’m going for.

Getting somewhere with this now. It’s not perfect but it’s better than the original part.

The rear bar has gone in. It’s very delicate at this stage so going to leave it be for tonight. Tomorrow if I get time I’ll dye the cannopy and fit it.


I’ve not been doing a great deal on my kits of late but managed to get a few things done this afternoon. As you can see from above the detail is going in on the centre console. Looking to get this section and the dash completed by the end of tonight.

The dash looks a bit rough but it will soon come together nicely. Here is what it looks like so far.