Lotus type 79(1978) 1/20 full detail

One of my builds for the future. I’ve acquired an amazing kit with all extra detail from rocker cover details to all the extra photo etch and wheel hubs. This will be an amazing build. I may do a conversion to a fw07 but not sure. Will have to wait and see but this one is for the future…


Kit on its away should be here with all the extra goodies. Thanks miko I shall do it justice. (On its way from Germany ). Will update with pics next week.


The lotus turned up this afternoon. As I’ve been busy at work I’ve not had a chance to look at the kit and the extras so will update with images later tonight after I have managed to get the parts out and had a good look. Thanks Michael looks awesome.

As promised here are the images.


Actually shocked at how good the oob moulding is on this kit.


RB motion nuts for the rocker heads. I had an email from Michael about these and he’s right they are tiny and are really going to be fiddly but will give that extra edge to the engine.


Metal engine block parts with extremely good detail. Included are exhausts and wishbones front and rear.


The wheel rims. Wow at this scale they look amazing and very shiny. Well manufactured can’t wait to see these finished off.


Next is the seatbelt kit from t2m.


There’s going to be a lot of detail on this car. Really can’t wait to get to it one day.


Above is the extra wheel detail and shock absorbers.



A shed load of extra photo etch. Wow it’s never ending.


Last but not least the livery decals for the no 5 car that I’ll be doing from that year. I’ve still to choose a race. I’m sure there are a few to choose from. That’s something I have plenty of time to think about.


Hi guys. As I draw ever closer to finishing off the f2002 Ferrari in 1-12 it’s time to start getting that all important data out on the lotus 79. I’ve had a look at all the parts in question and I’m fairly happy that this should be quite a detailed interesting build. I’ve decided that with this build I’m going to go into even more detail on my wip and give step by step process and procedures. Loads more images and loads more data on what I’m doing and exactly how I’m doing it. This build is going to be very time consuming and I’ve set aside every Wednesday from January onwards on this kit. Dedicated day of the week. So hopefully I shall be starting this in the new year and hope you follow and enjoy. Due to the serious amount of extra detail I’ll be using the instructions as a basic guide and nothing else.


I’ve decided to put this project on hold as the temptation of the fw11b got the better of me. This project will definitely be my next 1-20 full detail build and expect to start this mid way through 2015 unless I get the f2002 finished early and the fw11b too. 


I began this evening to play about with the engine block. As I haven’t yet got a white metal polisher, which I should be getting for Christmas I’ve been hand polishing the parts and gluing them together. I used a bit of tamiya smoke and brushed it on thinly to get that used dirty look but not over the top as per my reference. Once added I used a child’s thin soft tooth brush to brush it in to the metal to dull it down. I quite like the effect and will be using it again however I really do need a white metal polisher. The rocker covers are not completed there are quite a few nuts to add and obviously painting them and adding some PE. Here is what I have achieved so far. I’ll be doing a bit more over the days as the f2002 is still on hold until the parts from Brian have been made. 

Bare in mind this is my first pre 80’s F1 and in 1/20. I’ll be doing quite a lot of detail during the course of this build and hope you enjoy what I’m going to do with it. 

A few more additions to the block as you can see here. These I assume from the instructions and reference are linked to the radiators on the side pods plus the sensor has been added for more detail which is not on the box. Used a piece of .25 MM. black wire and a small pice of resin painted to match the piping.


Below is the electrics box that sits on top of the engine and between the trumpets.

As you can see it’s incredibly small. I’ve added a decal and some PE nuts. There is also some additional detail to add to this once it’s dry. 


I’ve spent some considerable time mulling over this build today, printing out reference and pondering on what engine to use and gearbox. I had no idea there were so many variations on this Dfv. I don’t mean the block and the heads but mainly the set up, colour variants on the electrical cables and fuel lines etc. A lot of the electric boxes and throttle levers and distributor heads have different styling, design. Currently pinning down a race was and is still difficult but I’m pushing more towards a Mario Andretti car. Possibly due to the immense amount of reference still and video that is directly related to his car or chassis used during the 78 season. I have a few contacts on the vine that I have contacted regards this so hopefully should get a definitive answer shortly. As for tonight I’ve been doing a few bits but nothing to write home about so will update in the next couple of days with progress.

Here I’ve dry fitted a few parts just to give you an idea of where I’m going with this. Below is an extra shot to give you an idea of the scale of this engine. 

 One thing I do like to do as well as keeping reference on file via cloud storage is printing certain reference off so it’s to hand quickly if needed. Some of the stuff I’ve been researching today in the image below. 


If you look closely at the rocker head covers you will notice that I’ve cut the nut heads off that are in the mould. I’ve flattened these down so that I can drill by hand the holes for the nuts that I purchased from Michael as part of the kit. Once the heads have been painted and finished off they will give that extra detailed edge which I can’t wait to see. It will look stunning but at the same time be very tricky to add and very time consuming. I have one hit at this can’t make any mistakes otherwise the final look will be ruined. As well as the nuts there are two Ford logos that need adding. I’m still trying to work out how the spark plug cables will sit in the 4 slots either side. I have various options or rather bits of reference to refer to for ideas but I’ll make a decision once the heads are completed. 


Today I thought I’d get the monocoque removed off the sprues and dry fitted to see how well they fit. Pleasantly surprised at how well they do. Engine parts are in paint and ready for assembly tomorrow so will update with those soon. 

A few areas need a bit of sanding down and a bit more prep before the base coat, but I’m more interested in getting the engine completed first. 

I’m not overly impressed with the distributor head and the way the wires come out. They don’t look real as you can see from the two images below so I’ll be making my own head with the existing cap. I’ll Sand it down and make my own connectors. 


The new distributor head. It’s not complete but on its way. Might have to shorten it a bit but should be complete in next couple of hours. I’ve used a bit of resin that I found and cut down and sanded to a flat top and inserted a small electrical connector similar to that of the reference on the real engine. It’s not 100% accurate but this is just a representation of the actual engine. 


The distributor head is done and placed where it should be. Now I’m adding the wiring that’s ready to be threaded through the rocker heads. Can’t wait to get these done tomorrow. The main wire from the top box to the distributor has been connected too. I’ve seen this in many different colours and variations so I’ve opted for the blue version. 


I’ve opted for the gearbox below. I prefer it to the Hewland mainly due to more detail and piping so the engine as far as I’m concerned will look better in the car. 


Small update on the rocker covers. I’ve added some bespoke spark plug covers that hold the wires and spark plugs or rather cover them over the top. These were made from resin block and moulded to the shape of the rubber housing. Sanded basically by hand. Quite time consuming. Next is to drill the holes that allow me to place these nuts and bolts that hold the covers down and make them stand out a bit. Here are the nuts by RB motion. Very small aren’t they!!!



Over the last 6 hours I’ve been doing the above. Pain stakingly putting the detail on the rocker heads as shown below.


Continuing on from above I’ve been adding more and more detail. Wiring and nuts it’s a huge job but needs doing for the effect I want. 



Second rocker head is complete however the photo etch provided for the additional detail only has four ford logos for the covers. Not happy is an understatment. Don’t know what I’ll be doing to sort this out but I’ll be looking online to see what’s available. 


Fuel injectors and lines have been added and the trumpets too. The gauze on the top of the trumpets hasn’t been glued in I’m tempted to create a hinge like in the originals but not sure yet will have a look at that later. The wires for the spark plugs are next then the engine can have a rest and it’s onto the gearbox. 


Added the monocoque to see if all fits right. The engine mounts don’t hug the fuel tank so will be doing a bit of surgery on this at a later date but all looks fine so far. 


Wiring down one side is in. Next is the other side and it’s more or less done. There are a few extra bits of photo etch that I want to add but I’ll do those later tonight. 

 Started on the gearbox. I had a few goes at getting the right colour for this. I wanted a worn used look as the reference I have auggests this. Some of the purists out there would argue with my colour choice but then everyone has an opinion. Mine is this and I’m sticking with what I’d like to emulate. (I always advocate the choice is yours it’s only a model). I’ve added some photoetch and some hosing and connectors. Painted blue and red as per reference. There is plenty more to do on this section so I’ll be going into great detail on the brakes too and suspension. 



Later tonight after work I’ll be getting back to the gearbox and adding the rest of the detail. Photoetch nuts and bolts and some wiring and piping. The suspension and brakes need doing too so hopefully will get to that too at some point shortly. Pics and updates leading k to tomorrow hopefully. 


Apologies for no updates over the last few days. Family and work commitments have taken over but back at it today. I’m in the office now doing the gear box and the rear brakes. Some lovely additions to show you soon. I’ll explain what I’ve been doing later in more detail. 

Here we go the above first two are how far I’ve got today and a bit last night. The only real bit of change to the original kit was the rear suspension. The arms in the kit have moulded plastic suspension components attached these have been removed as above and the additional metal parts attached. I’ve had to cut away a recess in both arms to slot the head of the suspension in. I did this with the Ashe of a fine drill bit and regularly checked with the metal parts as I progressed to make sure they fit.

I’ve still got a lot of photoetch to add but most of it has been done, well the larger parts anyway. I managed to snap one of the white metal parts that sits under the suspension assembly that corresponds with the gear change mechanism but this will be sorted at a later date or possibly tonight. Will see how things go. Mostly added hosing from my stash and a&n fittings. These can be seen at the rear. The hosing and the way it flows back through the parts isn’t exactly accurate to reference but this is due to limited space so apologies but I had to do it this way but shouldn’t detract from the quality of the piece. There is quite a bit of rubber piping to be added so should hide this hopefully. Hope you like what’s a occuring already with this car. Hopefully I’ll be starting the monocoque tonight and get the engine attached.


I managed to get a bit done on the monocoque last night. All I need to do now is spray alclad silver chrome stainless over the gloss undercoat and it’s ready to add the detail and the engine and gearbox. I spent many hours getting the tape att aged for the black areas which I’ll show you tonight when I get back in from work. Time consuming but worth the effort. Images to follow. 


I will continue this kit once the MP4/2 has been completed. I’ve put this one on hold for the moment as I’m not feeling the vibe yet as I’ve been out of the modelling scene for sometime. But please stay with me I’ll be getting back to it soon. 

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