Moto GP and bikes

I’ll be updating this section on occasion but my main focus is the F1 cars but I’ll add some stuff soon.


Forgot I had this kit. Think I have the studio detail up kit too and the front forks from Tamiya. Will have to have a play with this one too at some point. (03-06-13).

My old R6 what a bike loved every minute of the Virgin Tech bike.


I think i’m going to get this kit and build it soon.



Two more kits for my bike collection. I don’t have many incomplete race bikes but the two I purchased today look good for the future. Not sure whether to do them oob or super derail. I can’t find much around for the two of these but I’m sure I can muster up a few things on the lathe and mill.

Both Hondas even though I’m a Yamaha man on the road and track. These two are both 1/12 scale Tamiya and the detail is quiet good. I’m sure the detail on the more modern bikes is more intense but these will be fun to build. I’ll be getting another two NSR 500’s and do there different livery’s. The HRC as above the Rothmans and not sure on the third but will do some reference searching.


Something I’ve always wanted to do. Some 1/9 ww2 bikes. This one is one of my favourites. The Triumph 350cc 3HW. There are a couple of others I like including a ww2 Harley and a German side car bike. Currently at the moment I have been u able to find any but will be on the look out.

This Honda as well as three others that I plan on doing with different livery’s will be super detailed. Not sure when I’ll get to these but hopefully one day.

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