MP4/6 Mclaren 1/12 Build

One for the next year or so. I’ve acquired an original mp4/6 in 1/12 and will shortly be acquiring the full top studio set for this. As for when it will be started I have no idea. But it will be done to an even better level than the FW14B. I have a plan to do the big three as I call them. The FW14B, 641/2 and the MP4/6.


Super detail set and cf sheets and a load of other bits purchased. Should be here next week so will update with images on arrival. Can’t wait to see this set as I’ve never seen it before. One thing I did notice is there is no front and rear wing sets. I’ll have to look at the original kit and see if it needs anything.


The 1/12 top studio set and carbon decals came today. Awesome is only the word I can use to describe this set. I’ll be getting a few other bits too to accompany it. One thing you don’t get with this set is the under tray, front and rear wing detail. I believe they don’t exist. But using your ability to source bits I’m sure top studio and other manufacturers out there do nuts and bolts and extra things to spruce them up. The carbon decals and set were bought form I was going to get them for a fraction cheaper with hobby easy but didn’t want to wait or for it to go through the Christmas post. Another item I need is the McLaren orange/red and white paint for the livery. I’ll be using the colour match from Zero Paints again as I normally do. I already have the Marlboro decals in 1/12 from my previous collection so will use them. I’ve decided that I’m not going to do a specific race on this build, it’s going to be a senna car and will probably be more in line with the B version and a Joe Honda replica from the book. Nothing exciting but more a mechanical and engineering masterpiece replica.