MP4/5/b 1/20 Full Detail

Soon to start. Summer 2014

All parts ordered bar the photo-etch for the front and rear wings plus radiators. Courtesy of Steve Hemming and nick from Hereford.

Car courtesy of My good friend and modelling guru Graham Trotter.

I’m still in two minds over which version however I have time and reference to keep my mind going and to make a decision. The kit is a MP4/5b however I’m sure if I wanted to I could do a 5 but i’ll be pondering on this for a bit.


Decision made, I’ll be doing the Mp4/5b.


Some of the parts I ordered for the Mp4/5b arrived today. Here they are. The engine kit and the brake parts.



All that’s left now is the photo etch and the carbon decals and I’m ready to go with this beautiful machine.


More parts have been ordered and are being shipped as we speak will update with pics when they arrive.


The rest of the parts I managed to get from Hong Kong have arrived. No one seemed to stock these items so spent many hours online trying to find them. I ordered them on Sunday night and arrived today so quality where it’s due the quick service is duly appreciated.

Here they are, the full carbon set, full photo-etch set some extra hose ends the rear axels and some Marlboro decals to finish the car off and not least the cockpit set too.






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