Paint Products

My preferred paints are Alclads for metals and zero paints in general. Ill never use anything again other than these. Awsome products by Hiroboy.


The items I use above are what I use for prepping . I also use various fillers etc but have run out and need some more but an integral part of getting my final piece spot on. The items bellow are the paints in general that I use. A small selection of different black paints I use. Notice they are all Zero Paints!



For my air brush i only use this above. Can’t complain it’s the best but needs cleaning all the time. Before and after use.

I have since revised my opinion of airbrushes and still using the one above I have purchased a few others for different work. Iawatta is a work horse and does most of my work but I also have some cheaper ones that were bought on eBay. Specifically for large panel painting on bigger model f1 cars and also different primary colours. Therefore never mixing paints in airbrushes and effecting the finishes I produce. I also use a large 0.3 gauge airbrush with a large vessel for clear coats.

These are my four airbrushes connected to vapour reducers. I run two compressors one that is powerful enough to do three airbrushes at a time and an older work horse that I’ve had for 20 years or so that does all my clear coat work,

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