Tamiya Porsche 935 1/12

I have acquired a second 935 from a good friend in need. I shall be receiving this next week hopefully and will be put away for a later date. My first one was hand painted and very little detail other than what was in the box. That build taught me a lot and was a spring Board for bigger things. This time I will super detail it with a lot of PE and scratch built parts. Over the years I’ve studied and learnt a lot from other builders. Mainly airbrushing and detail Work. I was always a 1/12 f1 fan but recently, well, over the last 5 years I have come to love 1/20 detailing. But this was one of my first 1/12 builds along with the RE 2o. I hope to do it justice when I get the time. Images of the kit to follow when I receive it.